This page is being edited to show the history of the participatory arts at Split Tree Farm from 1990 to 2007.

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"La Valse," Camile Claudell, circa 1890s, Paris

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Split Tree Participatory Arts Center 
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House Fire basic info page

Split Tree Hay Farm

Past:Due to the  house and studio burning Aug. 3,2007, Split Tree's Fool's Fest is suspended.  Send your ideas for music, dance and other fool's work to sid [at]   See NY Times Travel Section Sunday, Mar. 24 article on Split Tree's Fool's Fest Dance Weekend 2003 and 2004 link.     Click on and play the Fool's Tarot card.    Fool's Fest history since 1990.

   Atlanta Waltz Society link (2000-2006)
A new group of ballroom dancers have created Waltz Play,
 which now presents Sunday afternoon ballroom dancing in Atlanta.
Atlanta Waltz Society may offer special balls and programs as time permits.
Article:  "Waltzing is Good for the Heart," 
Associated Press on Yahoo News, Nov 12, 2006

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  Split Tree Waltzes CD, Live from Split Tree Dance Weekends 1998--99

More info about the CD -- Background, Split Tree philosophy, credits.  COST:  $15, free shipping in North America.
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Two of Richard Powers' published articles, click on "essays"   missing link
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 Outtakes March 2011

March 12, 2011:  Well, friends, the energy for another gathering of fools is not in the cards this year, as THE FOOL in the tarot card is standing still and not about to step over the edge alone.  Some Split Tree Live Waltzes CDs remain; see below for ordering info.--Sid

 Feb 4, 2011:  We are considering a Fool's Festival gathering the first weekend of April, 1-3,  and would like to hear from you very soon if interested in participating in any way, something like the Burning Man Festival.  We may celebrate, with music and movement, breaking new ground and paths, and clearing old life debris, by a ritual burning of the old split tree, now mainly the still standing trunk. The new 8,000 square foot barn shed might be the center of activities but the entire 200 acres is our playground.  Camping, food, hot showers,  friends, jamming--imagination unlimited.

Link to FF 2003, the first Fool's School History of Dance

    Link to last FF 2004:  Fool's Festival Dance Weekend 2004
   Previous weekends: 
Split Tree Archives/Past Events

See NY Times Travel Section Sunday, Mar. 24 article 
on Split Tree's Fool's Fest Dance Weekend 2003

History of the Fool's Fest and First 1990 Fool's Fest Dawn Dance Flyers

Here's Atlanta dancer, FF faculty and therapist Jim Bird's answer to a our question about his take on our idea of "the Fool's School of Dancing" way for learning dance and partner movement:
Sid's unique idea of teaching dances by emphasizing the number of sequential foot movements rather than beats to the bar just may help people learn in an unexpected way.  Possibly, this method may engage more of the right side of the brain and allow the learning to slip in from a new direction. Usually, in learning new dances, the left brain is totally in control with counting and memorization of patterns.  By teaching several supposedly disparate dances (e.g., Salsa, Zydeco, Waltz) during the same time, we might just confound the left brain enough to allow for some surprise and creativity.  Either that or people will run screaming down the mountainside.  Assuming they stop short of the creek, that too could be a nice addition to Fools' Fest.  But seriously folks, assuming fools can be serious fools, comparing and contrasting different dances in the same lesson may just be delightfully entertaining and productive. With that said, my left brain is satisfied."

 Call Sid at 423 618 6651 or email sid [[[ at ]]] splittree dot org.