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See internet map links below;  double check these with your map and the directions below.

Edited directions from Split Tree participant Brian Stickney.

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Split Tree Farm is in the eastern valley of Lookout Mountain 16.5 miles south of Chattanooga, TN and 10 miles west of LaFayette, GA.  On a Georgia map, it is in the southeast corner of the intersection of GA route 193 and West Cove Road between mile markers 11 and 12 on GA 193, which is approximately three miles south of the intersection of Georgia highways 136 and 193.

New:  Sherpa Guide to NW Georgia Mountains --
Split Tree visit:   McLemore Cove area, hike-bike-spelunk (from Rob Harper)


From Atlanta

Start out driving I-75 north to Exit 320 (with the new GA numbering system, formerly exit 133 at the Flying J truck stop).  Flying J/Conoco is about the cheapest place anywhere to buy gas.  This truck stop also has Wi-Fi service.

At the LaFayette / Resaca exit, turn left, and follow route 136 for approximately 30 miles.

Just east of LaFayette, at the new, four-lane route 27 bypass, cross this by-pass route 27 at a BP station, where route 193N begins (route 136 turns right and goes north (right) briefly and then west (left), paralleling Rt 193, to Lookout Mountain / Cloudland Canyon state park and Trenton).

(Note:  If you're going to the Key West Inn, take Rt. 136/By-pass Rt. 27 north at this point.  Where it joins old Rt. 27, turn left.  The Key West Inn, and a Day's Inn, are immediately on your right as you drive south.  A Walmart is just north on the left).

Continuing:  Turn left at LaFayette square (briefly on old route 27).

At the second light, turn right on GA 193N.

Go just over 10 miles, and then turn left 0.25 mile past mile marker 11.

Turn left at the Split Tree sign on top of the multi-sign board on West Cove Road.

Go 0.5 mile to the first drive on the left, number 597 at the Split Tree sign.   

From Birmingham

Drive north on I-59 to the Trenton exit, which is exit 11.

Turn right on route 136, and drive approximately 12 miles over Lookout Mountain.

On the east side of Lookout Mountain, one mile from the bottom, turn right at the flashing red light (at the Chevron station).

Follow route 193 south for three miles.

Turn right on West Cove Road, and go 0.5 miles to the first drive on left, number 597.  

Alternate scenic route (Refer to the alternate route after the Huntsville directions below)

From Nashville

Start out by driving southeast on I-24 to I-59 South (at the split just before Chattanooga).

Go south on I-59 to second exit, number 11, at Trenton/Rt. 136.

Exit at route 136, and turn left toward Lookout Mountain and over the mountain.

Going east toward Lookout Mtn., follow the Birmingham directions.  

From Knoxville, Brasstown, or Asheville--get on I-75 south

(From Brasstown, to get to I-75, take 64W and go south on the connector outside Cleveland to the I-75 entrance).

Drive south on I-75 to Chattanooga, and continue south past the I-24 turn off to the second exit, #350, in Georgia, which is Battlefield Parkway, GA route 2.

Go west (turn to the right), and drive 11.3 miles, past the Fort Oglethorpe commercial intersection at route 27.

At the 4th  traffic light after Rt. 27 (marked) at route 193, turn left (south) past the Texaco station.

Go 12 miles to Route 136 (at the Chevron station, railroad track, and blinking light), and continue south another 3 miles.

At West Cove Road, turn right, and go 0.5 miles to the first driveway on the left, number 597.  See Split Tree signs.

From Huntsville

Start out driving north on I-565 to US-72.

Continue north on US-72 to SR-35.

Go east on SR-35 across the river to SR-40.

Go East on SR-40 to I-59, and go north.

Exit at Trenton and turn right (east) toward Lookout Mtn.

(Begin Birmingham directions here.)

Take exit 11, SR-136, at Trenton.

Travel across Lookout Mountain on route 136 approximately 12 miles and down the mountain one mile to GA route 193 at the Chevron Station.

Turn right, or south, and go three miles.

Turn right on West Cove Road, and drive 0.5 miles to the first left at number 597.  

Alternate route from Birmingham/Huntsville
      From I-59 at the Valley Head exit, go up to Mentone on route 117.

Turn left just past Camp Skyline onto Dekalb county road 631, and follow it until it (now Flarity Road) ends on GA Hwy 157.

Turn right, and go approximately two miles.

Turn left at the Mountain Cove Farm sign on West Cove Road.

From the bottom, go approximately 12 miles to the Split Tree sign (one mile after Akin Road on the right).

Turn right into the driveway at 597 West Cove Road.  If you pass the driveway, you end at route 193; turn around, and drive back 0.5 miles to the first drive on the left.

The drive is one of the world's most scenic, a time warp to one hundred years ago, and it makes an excellent introduction to a Split Tree experience.

From downtown Chattanooga or the Tennessee River Aquarium

Go south on South Broad Street, and follow the Rock City signs.

Turn left across from Mt. Vernon Restaurant onto Tennessee Avenue (Hwy 117), which becomes St. Elmo Avenue and  after a few miles then becomes GA 193S at the TN / GA state line (Georgia's cheap gas is at the Conoco station).

From the state line, go just over 16 miles (going three miles past the Chevron station at route 136) to the Split Tree Farm sign on the right, between mile markers 11 and 12.

Turn right onto West Cove Road and turn left at first drive on left, number 597.   See Split Tree signs.

On Google Earth software, go to our address below and you will enjoy the "Georgia Dawn" photo by someone named Pennington, whom I am trying to locate and get a copy.   As of Nov 10, 2009, Google uses old maps that show the home and barn as they were before the total loss from the Aug. 07 fire.

 Put in farm address and go to the "red star" at  Mapquest  for location of Split Tree Farm, 597 West Cove Road, Chickamauga, GA 30707 USA.   We tried putting in an Atlanta address near Emory as start point and using Split Tree's Chickamauga address (the official zip code town), but the routing directions would take much longer and farther than the directions we suggest from downtown Atlanta on our own map page link, which advises turning off north of Calhoun on I-75.  So check Mapquest's routing against our more tested written directions on the "maps, directions" page here or email or call us before starting.  Use the address above for auto direction finders.

Relative area map and notes for map below:
1.  Rt. 193 continues north past the GA state line and becomes TN Rt. 117 and continues on S. Broad St. to I-24.

2.  I-124 ends at I-75; the little line at the Knoxville arrow is incorrect.

3.  Someday we will scan in a new map or make a better one.  Volunteers?

Map to Split Tree Farm

Walker County Chamber of Commerce Map showing Split Tree Location

Walker County Map