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Southern Contact Improv Jam at Split Tree:  

Atlanta Contact Improvisation Link   (click for information, directions, photos)

Jams are scheduled for June 11 and 25th, 2000,  5-7 PM, at Several Dancers Core. Those are both Sundays. 

All levels welcome.  Class may be a jam if all participants agree to this (class by class).   Email dastewart [@] for more information about Atlanta Contact Improvisation.

Contact Improvisation

"Contact   improvisation," says Atlanta dancer Susan Keller, "is a dance form that has been described as an 'art sport.'  It involves sharing weight, rolling, lifting, flying, finding one's center, exchanging weight, feeling one's partner's center, moving with momentum, focusing, and playing.  It is duet form most often, but can be solo or trio.  It is a total workout for body and spirit."

What is CI?  Originating in 1972, Contact Improvisation utilizes gravity, momentum, lifts, falls, rolls and the exchange of weight between two partners.  Contact involves a physical conversation between two or more people based on touch and the exchange of weight and balance.  Ranging from stillness to highly athletic movement, these physical dialogues cut through the everyday boundaries of communication.  Contact is for people of all ages, abilities and occupations.

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