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Congratulations and thanks to all who came, who danced, who played, who cooked, who cleaned, who contributed, who mailed donations, who volunteered--we raised just over $12,000 with the help of Phillip's $5,000 challenge grant.  More later.    Sid Hetzler, Nov. 24th.
PS:  Please tell your friends to send any amount they can afford to make Split Tree studio useable year-round and to improve other facilities if we have enough funds.  Send a contribution to the address on the flyer below (can be deducted).   A letter with photos will go to everyone we know in early December so we can keep the spirit of Split Tree energy flowing.

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Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you  join the dance?
(quote thanks to Jacki Willard of Nashville) Lewis Carroll

strauss1.gif (6495 bytes)  Split Tree's "Cool Studio" Preview This Clip Now! ( FalFest

Full Moon Weekend      Nov. 19-21 

Waltz, Contra, Swing, Lindy, Contact, Tango, Cajun/Zydeco

A special dance weekend led by Richard Powers of Stanford University
joined by Rebecca Zurn and
Bart Ruark of Dance Vortex and partner Martha Johnson

 with music by Daron Douglas & Paul Moore of Misbehavin'

 & guitarist/vocalist Walter Parks of the Nudes joined by pianist Alan Dynin
with cellist Robert Jamison and resident fiddler/pianist Stephen Brown and
the eclectic, ever-changing Split Tree Ensemble

 & performances including WOW Dance & X Factor modern dancers

(Hilary Benedict, Valerie Midgett, Barry Leavell of Atlanta)
& other volunteers too numerous to mention now

           Classes and freestyle dancing during the day
             a wide variety of dancing in the evening,
                    a relaxed pace throughout,
      outstanding food by Anna Sue Courtney and Becky Forster,
the most beautiful setting imaginable, in the mountains of northwest Georgia
                    and great dance partners.
                  What more could you ask for?

        Dances taught include
           Crosstep Waltz
                Lindy Hop
                    Mamou Jitterbug
                        Lazy dancer's guide to tango
                            Baissez Bas (creole waltz)
                                Mamou & Lafayette style waltz
                                    Waltz swing
                                        and more

in the northwest Georgia mountains two hours north of Atlanta, near Chattanooga

(why wait?  send your tax-deductible donation today--even if you can't attend)
 go to registration form below 

For this special full moon dance weekend, Richard Powers will be joined by Rebecca Zurn and also Bart Ruark of Dance Vortex with partner Martha Johnson, high energy fiddler Daron Douglas and pianist Paul Moore of Misbehavin', Nudes guitarist/vocalist and CD producer Walter Parks, pianists Alan Dynin and Stephen Brown, cellist Robert Jamison and other musicians and dancers of the eclectic, ever-changing Split Tree Ensemble.  All have volunteered to lead Split Tree's fall dance weekend to raise funds to match a California dancer's generous grant of $5,000, which will be used to air-condition the studio for year-round workshop and dance use. The cost will be $100, or $50 with one full work weekend. A "Live at Split Tree" CD will be given to all who contribute $100.

This will be Split Tree's only fall dance weekend.  Stanford dance faculty professor Richard Powers, who is resident artist and writing in the Split Tree cabin this fall during his sabbatical, will be master of ceremonies for this special Friends of Split Tree weekend.  Along with special dance workshops and dancing, he plans a reading from his new book on contemporary social dance. 

Several other volunteer artists are expected to add their talents to this lively dance weekend at a space that was built in 1994-6 by and just for dancers.   Atlanta modern dancer Susan Keller will offer a contact improvisation-style leading/following workshop.  Atlanta's Wild Dance modern dance trio, Hilary Benedict, Valerie Midgett, Barry Leavell, will perform new works.  Plus surprises.  Split Tree’s favorite chefs, Anna Sue Courtney and Becky Forster with friends, again will be leading the cooking festivities in preparing superb vegetarian meals.  As usual the indispensable Don Walker with David Turner and crew will make sure the place is looking its best for visitors.  Other musicians, callers, modern dancers, singers, poets, writers, actors, clowns, puppeteers etc. are urged to add their talents to our efforts to air-condition the dance studio and maybe build a bathhouse if enough funds are raised.   Non-dancers and children are welcome; see registration info.

  Some of the food for the "Cool Studio" weekend will be sold at cost by H. M. Poss, owner of Tennessee Hotel Supply.  Also, Chuck Pruett, owner of the new organic and natural food store, Greenlife Grocery (successor to Dee Tison's Only One Earth store), on Hixson Pike in Chattanooga, TN has agreed to sell us food at cost.   Many Chattanooga dancers shop there.  Other contributors are suppliers represented by Hetzler Food Brokerage Co.: Caruthers' Raisins, Peter Pan peanut butter, Baker's Coconut, Berberian Walnut,  and Knott's Berry Farm.   Split Tree would not exist without the financial backing made possible by these suppliers and the continuing support from numerous food manufacturers in the Southeast, especially McKee Food Co. (Little Debbie) and Mrs. Smith's Bakeries.   And Split Tree will not continue to exist without the financial support and volunteer work of the many dancers and participants to whom it is reaching out with this first matching grant fund-raising event.  We also appreciate the continued support of Sorrel Hays and Southern Pitch, Inc., a New York/Chattanooga non-profit arts organization that channels funds to innovative arts activities such as Split Tree.

Schedule (subject to change)  Single dance tickets after Nov. 16 space permitting.
6-8 pm--Registration and tent set-up (early arrivals are welcome and invited to assist in preparations)
6 pm--Potluck picnic, Anna Sue and Becky's  Soup Pot Special ($3)
7 pm--Warm up free-style waltz, swing and tango (brief lesson: Lazy Dancer's Guide to Tango, R. Powers)
8 pm--Contras called by R. Powers with waltz, swing and tango interludes; music by Misbehavin'

8-9 am.--Breakfast  (late arrival registration)
[8:30-9--Partner warm-up/contact improvisation for light breakfasters]
9-10:30--Waltz lessons with Richard Powers and Rebecca Zurn
10:30-11:30--Swing and Lindy style/moves with Bart Ruark and Martha Johnson
11:30-12:30--Dancing to Split Tree Ensemble
12:30-1:30 pm--Lunch
1:30-2:30 pm--Zydeco with Rebecca Zurn
2:30-4:30 pm-- Richard, Bart, and Rebecca teach Waltz Swing, Baissez Bas (creole waltz), Mamou and Lafayette style waltz
4:30-5:30 pm--Couples dancing to Split Tree Ensemble
6:30-8:30--"Cool Studio" Dinner Happening with readings/performances/special comments
9:00-12:00--Full Moon Dance to Misbehavin' & selections from R. Powers dance library;
      Dress suitably for dancing under a full moon -- formal informal/informal formal as your moon mood dictates
12:00 until--Midnight Moves with Walter Parks/Alan Dynin and Split Tree Ensemble

8:30--9:30 am--Breakfast
9:30-12--Leading and following and beyond with Richard and Rebecca, Bart
12-1 pm--Dancing with Split Tree Ensemble
1 pm--Lunch buffet

2 pm until?--Work on raising fallen original "Split Tree" limbs back to original condition--a renewal ritual
Visitors are welcome to practice dance in the studio to various musicians or to CDs, hike or bike in the area, or do some serious porching; please be rested before driving home
Sunday night accommodations at Split Tree lodge are at no charge but advance notice is needed; donations accepted.
6 p.m. or so--Dutch treat dinner at Canyon Grill, Lookout Mountain 
Sunday night stay and play time:  Music and dance jam with Alan Dynin in the studio

Note:  Because of conflicts with two contra dance weekends, Tallahassee and Nashville, this November date was changed from Oct. 22-24 to Nov. 19-21.     Mail your registration and check today.

Information and Registration Information

LOCATION:  Split Tree Farm is located 20 miles south of Chattanooga, TN and 100 miles NW of Atlanta in the NW Georgia mountains.   Click on map page.

COST: Minimum $100/person donation/registration; no refunds except for medical emergency.  Single dance tickets are available; see notes at top of page.  Alternative:  $50 plus one full work weekend for A/C installation and related projects.  Please donate more funds if you can afford it so we can dance in the studio next summer.  A few scholarships available.

FOOD/SHELTER: $0 -- food donated in part by Greenlife Grocery, Tennessee Hotel Supply and generous dancers.  Please bring lots of fresh fruit, bread, soft drinks, sweets/deserts, only non-refrigerated items.  For Friday night, bring your picnic or contribute a $3 donation to Becky's and Anna Sue's fresh bread and hot soup crock pot fund.  For $00, five tasty vegetarian meals will be served in the Split Tree cafe by volunteers.  Several work exchange dancers are needed for food preparation, serving and clean-up; call the registration office at number below...or send email.

LODGING:   See housing page for info on motels/BnBs and other nearby housing.  In the house along with house/studio floor space there are 16 beds and couches available by earliest registration date.  You can sleep/tent next to the studio in a large barn; you need only your warm sleeping bag, air mattress, and pillow.   House has three inside and two outside hot showers for all.  Bring usual camping supplies: pillow, sleeping bag or bedding, air mattress, towel and soap, swimsuit for hot tub, etc.  We have a few tents and sleeping bags to loan for a modest donation to our dance gypsy fund. There is no charge for tent or RV camping (no hookups) on Split Tree's 200 acres of woods and pasture in the NW Georgia mountains.

GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS:   We will not gender balance for this special weekend but from past experience we strongly encourage paired registration; it's more fun in social dance to pair up male/female or lead/follow and a great excuse to meet that interesting dancer.  Shoe policy:  Must wear clean non-street, non-marking, soft-sole shoes for dancing.  Loose work-out type clothing for floor exercises recommended.  No child care facilities.  No pets or alcohol allowed.  Avoid strong perfumes.  Smoking is strongly discouraged and is allowed only away from all buildings.

Split Tree General Information      Maps, Directions     Accommodations     Chattanooga Weather

Send tax deductible donations/registration now to:   Split Tree Studio Fund, Split Tree Farm, 597 West Cove Road, Kensington, GA 30707; for tax deduction make check out to "Southern Pitch, Inc.," marked for Split Tree Studio Fund."

CONTRIBUTION/REGISTRATION:  For registration/housing information:  email committee chair Dave Kehres at davekehres [@]   For general information: call Sid Hetzler at Split Tree Farm: 706/539-2485.  Fax: 706/539-2430.  STF email address: splittree [@]  Atlanta STF office:  404/378-7313.  Electronic or fax registration is allowed but this form must be mailed with a check within seven days after registering to hold a space. Pre-registration is required and space is limited to 100 dancing persons.  Extra funds go to bathhouse/kitchen improvements.

(Select this form and email to STF by copying completed text to address above).
Date:________________   Paired with__________________________________________

Name(s)_________________________________ Address___________________________

City/State___________________________ Zip Code____________

Email address____________________________

Day phone ________________________Evening phone____________________________

Do you want order "Live from Split Tree CD"?    yes/no    Cost $15 or free for $100 contributors.

#___dancers at $____ each = $_________      #____meal tickets at $00 each=$______ (bring fruit, etc)

Total___________.   # ____STF CDs at $15 each.    Grand total: $___________.

Shelter preference:   House/studio floor space____________? Barn space__________? (A mattress of wood shavings)     Pasture tenting?________    Bed______? (limited) Motel/BnB_____________?   Link to nearby accommodations

FLIGHT INFO:  Nearest public airport is Chattanooga (45 minutes); Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Knoxville airports are about 2-3 hours and usually some rides can be found with the help of dancers in nearby cities.

Other Split Tree Fall 1999 Events:
Bed 'n Breakfast Christmas-NY's Eve Week; call or email for information.

 Split Tree 2000 Events:

Fool's Fest, Mar. 31-Apr. 2

Richard Powers Waltz Weekend, April 28-30

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