Atlanta's Creative Loafing newspaper article on Atlanta Waltz Society, Jan. 8, 2004:



"For dancing that's safer for partnering, I visited the Atlanta Waltz Society's Sunday afternoon class at Several Dancers Core studio on the square in Decatur. They hold classes on the first and third Sunday of the month, followed by three hours of waltzing.

According to the Society's Sid Hetzler, the waltz's popularity has fallen in recent years. As far as formal, couples dancing goes, it's overshadowed by salsa and swing (but not the Lambada, which thanks to Executive Order #99552 is still the forbidden dance).

The atmosphere of the organization's class was, as promised, looser and mellower than Arthur Murray or other dance classes I've attended. They emphasize a less formal, folksier waltz and in the process focus more on the enjoyment of the dancers than turning the class into a bunch of Viennese Tony Maneros. The Society doesn't have lunchboxes on its website,, but it does have info about upcoming classes."

[Note that I believe I actually said waltz was growing, not declining, in recent years].--Sid Hetzler

Bob Folker and Diana Roberts from California; Bob taught beginning waltz Jan. 4th, 04

ATLANTA WALTZ SOCIETY CLASS: "Class, remember what Strauss said. 'Let the rhythm take you over, bailamos.'"

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