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Link to other figurine of waltzing couple in similar style.

From the EBay description:
You're buying an authentic ART NOUVEAU Parisian sculptural group! This is not a repro!
This is such an excellent work of art ! They seem to actually move as you gaze at this beautiful couple in their
Wagnerian dance.
The beautiful dancing couple are dressed in period costumes with excellent details .
Measure (approx.) : 11 3/4" High X 6 1/2" Widest X 8" Widest & 5 1/4" Girth. .
This is right out of an estate and it's in AS FOUND, NEARLY PERFECT CONDITION.
The only damage is 1 tiny tip of a finger on the left hand of the girl and I have this tiny piece.
The figurine needs a good & careful cleaning to bring out the color .
Please look carefully at the detail work that was done to each and every part of this.

This is probably a waltz or polka step, most likely a waltz.  Note the eye contact and the lady's unusual left hand position and her aggressive body connection with the man's right hand not completely around her waist, stopping at the ribbon.  The lady's swirling dress suggests a fast tempo turn to the man's right.  One source dates this work around 1900 from either a French or Germanic artist.   This source says this is very much like von Rezniecek's Art Nouveau (1906 in his case) portrayals of waltz and that these poses represent very romantic interpretations of a bygone era, only meant to charm the buyer, and very much embodying Art Nouveau aesthetics, such as the idealized close embrace. There is uncertainty among dance historians about how close was close during the 19th century and expert commentary and original written and visual sources would be appreciated from dance historians.  Any expert opinion about the origins and the maker of this piece would be appreciated.  It has no markings.  The figurine is in the Split Tree waltz collection.  -Sid Hetzler, Split Tree, April 26, 2004].  Email:  sid [at]