November 2004 Weekend

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       Richard Powers'      

       Split Tree Waltz Weekend 

Waltz Time:  Slow, Fast and Odd

Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas return
 to lead us deeper into the mysteries of the waltz
at another of his popular Split Tree waltz weekends

with Asheville's Mizilca, returning to inspire the 2nd Gypsy Waltz Ball    

Friday Nov 5 through Sunday Nov 7, 2004      

A total immersion in waltzing with..
... Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas of Stanford University... the Split Tree Waltz Weekend,
where Powers pioneered the growing waltz weekend tradition,
and which combines waltz technique and variations with diverse partnering concepts

Richard Powers explores diverse 3/4-time tempos and moves in this waltz weekend with new workshops:
     --main points of the essence of waltzing in 42 easy waltz variations
         --Gulf Coast Blues in Waltz time–or the St Louis Shuffle
                 --hyperspeed waltz and polka with ease and flair
                         --Hambo Polska
                                --Role-reverse Five-Step Schottisch
                                     --and new Crosstep variations in odd rhythms and crossing back and forth.
Stanford dance historian/instructor and Split Tree’s visiting artistic director since 1997, Richard Powers is one of the world's foremost experts in the history and teaching of American and European social dance.

 studhor99jpg.jpg (98287 bytes)   at Split Tree Farm Studio  

in the northwest Georgia mountains two hours north of Atlanta near Chattanooga

  Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas, background

Upcoming Richard Powers' Waltz, swing and vintage dance workshops:
Seattle, Paris, Split Tree, Portland, Prague, Mendocino... see

  At the end of 1791 an anonymous author in Berlin writes that   
'the waltz and the waltz only is now so fashionable that one sees nothing else at dances; 
if you just know how to waltz, everything goes fine..."

Print version of flyer -- PDF format; download for printing or mail registration

GypsyWaltz02Group.JPG (323857 bytes)     Split Tree Gypsy Waltzers 2002, photo by Jim Dugas
Adobe PDF one page flyer for printing & distribution or mailing for registration

    Link to Chef Cat Hannah's weekend menu -- kitchen worker slots are full

101_0164_r1.jpg (212463 bytes)      Class and Dancing Schedule                                     

6:00 - 8:00 -- Registration and Chef Cat Hanna's dance gypsy soup pot; $3 contribution requested
7:00 - 8:00 -- New waltzers lesson by John O'Neal, Atlanta Waltz Society, if needed and warm-up dancing for others
8:00 --10:00  Easygoing Waltz Variations, Richard and Angela:  
                       A nice way to start the weekend plus the foundation for Saturday's and Sunday's new steps.  Margaret's Waltz.
10:00 --          Early bedtime or informal dancing to recorded music

8:00 --   Breakfast
8:30 --   Yoga warmup with Brandi
9:00 --   CLASS 1 -- Waltzing for waltzers:   The essence of waltzing, 42 pointers in one session.
10:20 -- short break
10:30 -- CLASS 2 -- Bohemian National Polka, one of the most popular choreographies around. You can see 200 dancers or more dancing this at Stanford or the Bay Area's Gaskells Balls, and dancers across the country know it.
12:00 -- Lunch  -- Practice waltzing, serious porching
1:00 --   CLASS 3 -- Gulf Coast Blues in Waltz Time, also known as the St. Louis Shuffle.  Perfect for very slow waltz music.
2:00 --   Break
2:10 --   CLASS 4 -- How to survive hyperspeed polka and waltz with ease and flair.
3:00 --   Break
3:10 --   CLASS 5 -- Hambo Polska
3:50 --   CLASS 6 --  Role-Reverse Five-Step Schottisch, another favorite
4:30+ -- SPECIAL CLASS  --  Gypsy Woman's Waltz with Brandi
                          Serious porching, rest and dress for the...
6:30 -- 7:30 -- Gypsy Waltz Ball feast...& then the colorful...

8 - 12 pm  Gypsy Waltz Ball   
    and at mid-evening the mysterious gypsy woman dances-- solo by Mizilca of Asheville 
Mizilca (Brandi) is a mystic, a mother, a musician, belly dancer and a maker of magic on the dance floor. She has over twenty years of training in numerous styles of dance, yoga and martial arts, as well as an outrageous repertoire of stories! She regularly performs throughout the east coast with the reputable dance ensemble, Baraka Mundi, from Asheville. To find out more about her performances and classes visit   "Brandi" also will lead a workshop in special movements for couples dancing.

Assemble in your finest gypsy rags for all to admire, although not required.  Music from Powers' recorded collection.   
Dress:  An eclectic mix of colorful gypsy attire admired but not required; see photo of last year's ball
Midnight until -- Late night couples varied dancing to live and recorded music; bring your favorites

8:30 -- 9:30          Breakfast
9:00 --                  Yoga warm-up with Brandi
9:30  to 12           New Intermediate/Advanced Crosstep Waltz.   Crosstep Waltz in odd rhythms, 4/4, 6/8 and 7/4 time.   Going from Waltz  to Crosstep and back.
12:10 --  1 pm      Review session and closing dances.

1:00 -- Lunch followed by informal dancing music to recordings from the Richard Powers and Atlanta Waltz Society collection.

Note for Atlanta dancers:  Richard Powers will teach "Waltzing for Waltzers" at Atlanta Waltz Society's regular Sunday dance from 4-7 pm; cost $10; advance registration highly recommended; studio limit is 50 people.  Email powersawsworkshop (at)

All are invited to a Dutch treat Sunday dinner 5 p.m. at the excellent Canyon Grill on top of Lookout Mountain.  Let us know in advance if you're staying over at the farm/house Sunday night; bed donation requested.   Volunteers needed for clean-up chores.

For info/registration/housing see info below or email questions
to  Allegra Whitney
registrationwaltz04 (at)

PowersHeadColor.jpg (42185 bytes)or send program questions to
Richard Powers at vintage (at)
Split Tree Office:  706/539-2485  

For more Southeastern waltzing, dance with the Atlanta Waltz Society
at its weekly Sunday Waltz 
in Decatur, GA (photo, Tara and Scott)

LOCATION:  Split Tree Farm is located 20 miles south of Chattanooga, TN and 100 miles NW of Atlanta in the NW Georgia mountains.
                                                                                        Click on map page.

TUITION COST:  Now $85; tuition credit refunds only toward future STF-produced weekends after Oct 29; no food refunds after Nov. 3.  Single dance/workshops if space is available at $10/hour plus food cost with advance registration by phone or email.  Split Tree supports educational opportunities and full-time student discounts of 20% are available for tuition only; some full scholarships also are available to professional dancers and dance majors; these are in addition to work scholarships. Contact Sid at sid [at]

WEEKEND REGISTRATION  LIMITS:  Maximum, 80; minimum required by Oct 15, 40  (met).  We do not anticipate any problem in meeting our minimum for this weekend to make and it is expected to sell out as do most of the Powers weekends.  But please assist by registering as early as possible to ensure the continuation and financial viability of these popular dance workshops and dances with Richard Powers--and others.   Please copy the PDF flyers and distribute to dance tables and to your friends; Split Tree prefers to pay teachers and musicians rather than the post office and depends on dancers to spread the word.

FOOD (optional): $25 (no single meals except by advance registration).  For Friday night, bring your picnic or contribute a $3 donation to the fresh bread and hot soup fund.   For $25, five tasty vegetarian buffet meals will be served for outdoor dining on the decks.  Several work exchange dancers are needed for food preparation, serving and house preparation and clean-up; call the registration office at number below...or send email to Allegra Whitney at registrationwaltz04  [@]
      Deadline for meal tickets is Monday, Oct. 29.  Single meal tickets price:  $5 for Sat/Sun breakfasts; $6 for Sat/Sun lunches; and $10 for dinner Saturday night.

LODGING:   See housing page for info on motel/BnBs and other nearby housing (Hidden Hollow Lodge at 4 miles and Key West Motel at 10 miles are suggested).    There is no charge for tent or RV camping on Split Tree's 200 acres of woods and pasture in the NW Georgia mountains.  There are 20 beds and fold-out couch beds( [@] $20/person/night and floor space is available in the house or studio by earliest registration date.  Also for rent are five new queen size air mattresses for $10/person/night--or bring your own; air pump provided.  The "behind the barn" cabin has floor space for 6-8 at $10/person/night with full bath/kitchen (reserved for cooks this weekend).  There is also sheltered camping space in a large barn--you need only your warm sleeping bag, air mattress, and pillow.   Bring usual camping supplies: pillow, sleeping bag or bedding, air mattress, towel and soap, swimsuit for hot tub, etc. 

GENERAL: This is important:  This couples dancing weekend is gender balanced by paired registration.  Register with or without a partner but to confirm you we must pair you by male/female or lead/follow to keep this type of couples dance fun for all.  Dancers must wear clean non-street, non-marking, soft-sole shoes for dancing.  No child care facilities.  No pets or alcohol allowed.  Avoid strong perfumes.  Smoking is discouraged and is not allowed near any building.  See general admissions policy link.


Space:  Full as of 11/4.
Availability status:  green (open)  yellow ) 
red (dance space is full; no more openings)

For wait list, email:  registrationwaltz04 (at) (usually there is a cancellation or two)

Happy waltzing, Allegra and Sid,  706.539.2485.


Email registrar
Allegra Whitney at  registrationwaltz04 (at) [@] or leave message for her at 706/539-2485.     

Workshop capacity: 80, gender balanced.  Come with or without a partner but must be paired for confirmation.  You may sign up as a single person and will be matched with a partner before final confirmation.  Although lead/follow roles are customarily male/female, reverse gender registrations are accepted.

Pre-requirement:  Know a basic turning waltz or dance (any kind).  Email waltz lessons (at) for into about where you can learn this.  We will offer a basic class for beginners Friday, Nov 5, 6-7 pm and waltzing warm-up 7-8 pm at Split Tree; beginners also can practice at the Atlanta Waltz Society's weekly Sunday Waltzing in Decatur, GA--see

Quick Registration: Complete the form below, copy and email it to  registrationwaltz04  [@]  And pay electronically via PayPal at the Split Tree web store link below.

The workshop will probably fill through pre-registration so please sign up early.

Adobe PDF one page flyer for printing & distribution or mailing for registration

Electronic registration:           Click here for convenient  PayPal or credit card payment link at STF Web Store  
Print version of flyer -- PDF format; download for printing or mail registration
Email, snail mail or fax registration is allowed but the information below must be mailed with a check within seven days after registering to hold a space.  Or pay by credit card.  Pre-registration is required and space is limited to 80 persons.  Send check payable to: Split Tree Farm/WW2004, 597 West Cove Road, Chickamauga, GA 30707.   Fax:  770.216.1596.


Name (s)_________________________________ Address___________________________

City______________________ State_______ Zip Code____________

Email address____________________________

Phone ____________________________________

Paired with ________________________________  (Must be paired to be confirmed; singles should register but must be balanced by gender or lead/follow to be confirmed; email  registrationwaltz04  [@] for status)

#___dancers at $85 each = $_________    

#____meal tickets at $25 each=$______ 

# __ CDs:  "live split tree recordings:  the waltzes"  [@] $10 each =  $______

# __ House dorm-style single beds [@] $20 per night per person = $_______ ____   (limited number)
(these are in dorm rooms with access to any of 3 house baths/showers or 2 outside showers)

(new) # xxx Barn cabin w/full bath floor space for 6-8 [@] $10 per night per person = (closed; used by cooking staff);
showers in each cabin are for use by campers on an allocated basis by alphabetical listing.

Grand total: $___________.   Credit refunds only after Oct. 29.

Deadline for meal tickets is Wed, Nov 3.   Single meal tickets price:  $5, Sat/Sun breakfasts; $6, Sat/Sun lunches; and Saturday dinner is $10.

Individual dancing/workshops:  $10/hour if space available; Sat night ball, $25/person.  Call for reservations:  Split Tree office at  706.539.2485.

Shelter plans:   House/studio floor space ____________ Barn space__________ (A mattress of wood shavings)     Pasture tenting________  Bed____________ (limited; $20/person/night)   Barn cabin w/shower-bath _____  ($10/person/night -- limit 8 on floor)  Motel/BnB_____________ Other?______________

Note:  There are 5 queen size air mattresses for rent at $10/weekend and can be used on floor and in the barn or your tent; you should bring your own linens for these.  Also there are some other single air mattresses for rent at the same price.

FLIGHT INFO:  Nearest public airport is Chattanooga (45 minutes); Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Knoxville airports are about 2-3 hours and usually some rides can be found with the help of dancers in nearby cities.

Print version of flyer -- PDF format; download for printing or mail registration

Visit Split Tree's waltz page with links to many waltz web pages, including Atlanta Waltz Society's weekly Sunday Waltzing

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